By the close of 2016 the Preserve At Oakwood, an upscale residential development located on the former fairways of the Oakwood Country Club golf course had completed the sale of all but one of its initial (28) Phase I&II custom home lots and town home Villas. Developer Dick Schoew of Hopkins Brothers LP&D and his business associates in the project, Bryant Hare and Fred Howell, say the success of the project comes as validation of a process that made saving the Oakwood’s landmark green spaces along Link Road a top priority.

The Preserve at Oakwood
Inside Boonsbono  
February Issue, 2017



Schoew said “the site plans of our primary competitor for the Oakwood project, a well known Richmond area developer, stressed an approach of maximizing housing density. On the other hand, we were the local guys who knew we would have to live with the disappointment of our peers if the finished project failed to live up to the expectations for what has arguably been considered in recent years as the finest remaining undeveloped  residential green space property in all of our Lynchburg city limits. Slicing and dicing the old golf course into another ‘cookie cutter’ housing development was simply never an option.  We just felt so strongly that an undeveloped open space of Oakwood’s size, character and location in the heart of Lynchburg’s most prized neighborhoods came with an obligation to go the extra mile.’

Currently The Preserve is introducing its Phase II with (19) new lots and Villas. For more information on the Preserve At Oakwood go to